Maegin Cove / Rainbow Ridge
General POA Information

Title companies can obtain a property specific verification of standing by using the Property Verification Form to request information from the Treasurer. We are a volunteer organization, so please allow 4-5 business days for response.
The following information will answer some of the most common questions:
Association Name:
Maegin Cove / Rainbow Ridge Property Owners Association, Inc.
Assessment Period:
January 1 through December 31
Assessment Fee Invoice Date:
December 1 (31-days prior to the year being invoiced)
Assessment Fee Due Date:
January 31 (discount available if paid within 30 days of invoicing)
Annual Assessment Fee:
1-4 lots = $100/year
5-8 lots = $200/year
Building Standards Committee:
Any planned construction of a structure, boat house, or retaining wall / sea wall must be approved by the Building Standards Committee prior to start of construction. A Buyer/Borrower can submit their request online once the Property Verification Form is processed. 
Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (2017)
FEMA Flood Zone Map
Lake Tyler Master Plan
Plat Map - Maegin Cove Subdivision
Plat Map - Rainbow Ridge Subdivision
Lake Tyler East Lot Registration
City of Tyler Water Utilities - Lake Tyler Approval for Construction
City of Tyler Water Utilities Misting System Guidelines
City of Tyler Ordinance No. 0-2011-100